Dealing with Death

In life, death is one of the hardest things to cope with. Here are 10 insights on dealing with death: It was 10:43 am on a beautiful sunny day at the beach. I was doing my morning meditation when I heard my phone vibrating on top of the dresser. I...

Coping Strategies

Three great coping strategies for dealing with depression and anxiety: THE POWER OF BREATH I told my great uncle during the heat of his battle with Stage 4 cancer that his breath is his superpower. I strongly believe that. No matter what the level of depression or anxiety we are...

5 Strategies for Staying Happy

There are 5 strategies for staying happy that I try to hit on each day. These include: 1. Sleep Sleep is super important to maintaining good energy levels. When we go to sleep, when we wake up, what we do before sleeping, how we manage our light levels at night...


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