Coping Strategies through Depression and Anxiety

Coping Strategies through Depression and Anxiety
The Wellness Experience
The Wellness Experience
The Power of Breath

I told my great uncle during the heat of his battle with Stage 4 cancer that his breath is his superpower. I strongly believe that. No matter what the level of depression or anxiety we are feeling at any given moment, we can always go back to our breath to bring ourselves out of our heads and back into the moment. 


Another thing that helps is realizing that this is temporary. The experience of anxiety or depression is temporary. It’s similar to a weather storm temporarily moving through our ecosystem and we just need to weather the storm. 


Lastly, talking about it is very helpful. This is something that I’ve struggled with a lot in the past, but once I started embracing it, it really helped that energy and those thoughts move through much quicker. We are all going to experience similar lies that keep us from not opening up (I don’t want to be a burden…it’s not as bad as so and so…) but our pain and struggle are ours to own and to let go of. And it’s an honor for a close friend to be there for you at that moment, not a burden. 

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