How To Make a Quick, Balanced Dinner Using Laura's Lean Beef

How To Make a Quick, Balanced Dinner Using Laura's Lean Beef
The Wellness Experience
The Wellness Experience

Cook along with Jen Widerstrom during our Cincinnati festival, 2019


If you’ve been following us for a while now, you know we began as a live Festival centered on health and wellness. We hosted events in Denver and Cincinnati in 2018 and 2019, featuring workout stages teaching everything from beginner yoga to HIIT, panel discussions on equality and motherhood, exhibit halls where attendees learn about exciting new products, and celebrity cooking demos using items easily available in our Kroger stores. 


TAKE NOTE: Jen Widerstrom was a big hit in 2019!

Fitness Trainer, Jen Widerstrom, was an integral part of our 2019 event in Cincinnati – or Cincy, as the locals call it. Jen is Brand Ambassador for Laura’s Lean Beef, and a well known TV personality, raised on the 80’s shows like American Gladiator, which she even ended up appearing on as an adult. We got to spend time with her as a panelist on our Mindful Nourishment discussion, which was all about eating well in the 21st century. She shared her life as a female business owner for the Founded by Women panel, and during Trusted Influence, she gave us a glimpse into what it’s like being a celebrity influencer. Her experience is well-rounded, and she’s down-to-earth, which makes her a perfect fit for us and what we do. 


As a brand ambassador for Laura’s, Jen ruled the Food as Medicine stage, making a healthy meal that she accurately points out is also incredibly tasty, using Laura’s lean beef patties. If you’re the type to cook along with demo videos, she even tells you how long to cook your burgers depending on how thick they are. 


this girl can cook. and lead a killer workout. AND RUN A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. AND she’s a major influencer with 300K followers on instagram

Throughout her presentation, she drops hints for sneaking vegetables into the mouths of even the pickiest eaters, as well as how to prepare salads ahead of time without making them soggy. You’ll also learn how to judge the doneness of a burger, why you never use all the dressing you made when preparing a salad, and find out why your body hoards fat when you’re dehydrated. And, bonus, the secret for staying nourished and staving off cravings is to pack your nutrition early in the day, so as your energy wanes through the afternoon, you’ll stay on track and avoid over-eating. 


The side dish for this meal was quinoa salad with red onions, and a red wine vinegar dressing. For a maltier flavor, substitute barley for the quinoa, and achieve a full day’s allowance of fiber in just ¾ cup. 


Jen packs a lot into half an hour, and if you cook along with her, you’ll have a healthy meal that is low-fat, and full of protein and fiber. You’ll find the entire video here, and we invite you to click around our YouTube channel for more videos like this one! 



Disclaimer: This information is educational only and not providing healthcare recommendations. Please see a healthcare provider.

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