Equality in the Workplace with Carolyn Tastad, Group President, P&G North America

Equality in the Workplace with Carolyn Tastad, Group President, P&G North America
The Wellness Experience
The Wellness Experience


To some, the thought of Rock Stars and CEOs having much in common with each other seems a little far-fetched. But once you scratch the surface, you’ll find they actually do share a lot of characteristics. For one, both are incredibly high-achieving. For another, both jobs are unusually high-profile. And in the specific case of our Equality in the Workplace panel, both the Rock Star and the CEO are women. Despite their high-flying status, however, these women are incredibly accessible, and share incredibly relatable insights just about anyone can identify with.

As part of our Cincinnati Wellness Festival in 2019, Wellness Experience co-founder Jewel sat down with P&G North America president Carolyn Tastad to talk about their experiences in their respective fields.


Carolyn is Canadian, and it’s telling that during her time with P&G Canada, men and women worked side-by-side in executive positions and no one thought it was anything but normal. It wasn’t until she came to the US that she experienced firsthand the alarming lack of female leadership and representation in the upper echelons of business.


Despite her meteoric success, Jewel, by contrast, faced numerous instances of gender bias. Instead of being called a musician, she was always referred to as a female musician. Her achievements were always preceded by the word “female”, and often in a way that made her presence in the field seem almost alien.


During their discussion, both women highlight their “lightbulb moments” surrounding being female in 21st century American culture. It’s an upbeat discussion that ranges from broad allegory to specific moments. And speaking as a business leader in modern Corporate America, Carolyn rightly points out that business leaders must seek out employee’s points of view, and create an environment where everyone one has the opportunity to speak up.


Research shows most young adults find it “UNACCEPTABLE” for a company not to take a stand on issues. 

Both women point out that despite how far we’ve come, we still have a long way to go, and that change lies with the next generation. Carolyn even takes it one step further by reminding us that research shows today’s young adults find it “unacceptable” for corporations not to take a stand on issues. Whereas in the past, corporations preferred to remain neutral, going forward, that might not be an option if a brand or company wants to remain viable.  It’s a lively and perceptive discussion that touches on aspects everyone, not just women, will intuitively understand.


Like all of our Cincy 2019 panels, this one dives deep and gets real. We hope you take something useful from it. We invite you to share your thoughts online using the hashtag #ShineOn, and connect with our worldwide community of wellness enthusiasts. Bookmark this page, and please share it with your friends, family and colleagues. Like all of our content and events, it’s FREE, and designed to make your life better.


Find the full video from our Cincinnati wellness event here.


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