The Modern Mom

The Modern Mom
The Wellness Experience
The Wellness Experience

We all know that one mom who makes everything look easy. Her house is clean and her car is clean and her kids are clean and her eyebrows are on fleek, and she’s never, ever late. Thankfully, there’s only one of them, right?

For our panel, The Modern Mom, we brought together a variety of women, all moms, each prominent and successful in her field. Each openly discuss how they parent, what lessons they learned, and what is important to them now. No matter your parenting style, you’ll find something you can relate to in each of these influential and inspirational moms. From time management hacks, to fine-tuning your antenna so you can sense when your kids need more of your attention, these bright women share their best tips with you. Recorded in Cincinnati, OH in October 2019. 

“It’s not all going to get done.”

First up, Colleen Lindholz, President of Kroger Health, and mom to an 18 year old college Freshman. Colleen prizes exercise and a healthy diet as one way to maintain the energy and stamina needed to parent effectively. She notes long walks at night with her daughter kept them connected during the teen years. Colleen adds, “I think putting boundaries up is really important.”

Jewel, singer-songwriter, Wellness Experience co-founder, and mom to a 7 year-old-son, chimes in with the most human of observations: “Giving myself permission to realize you can’t do it all, and not everything is going to get done well.”  

Katrina Scott, co-founder of Tone It Up, admits to doing too much. Her child is just one year old, and she says admitting that she needed help was the biggest breakthrough of early motherhood. 

Shanicia Boswell admits that “balance” doesn’t exist. She also zeroed in on the fact that you become your habits, so in the moment, she chooses healthy habits like taking the stairs, involving her kids in daily decisions, and reminding herself that we never really figure it all out. 

For Amy Rosoff Davis, personal chef to Hollywood-A-Listers, says for her, presence is key. She’s learned it’s self-defeating to wish she was with the baby when she was at work. Instead of wondering what was happening with her clients while she’s with the baby, she has a new approach. Now, she takes a step back and relishes being fully present in the moment. Enjoying whatever is happening Right Now has helped her stay calm and keep things in perspective.

In total, the discussion lasted just under an hour, and it’s worth every minute to watch the whole thing. Despite their notoriety, each of these remarkable women is normal, down-to-earth and relatable. From the mom (Katrina) just starting out on her journey, to the one who just sent her first to college (Colleen). Their honesty and openness draw you in, and by the end you feel like you are old friends with each woman on the stage. Perhaps most importantly, this discussion drives home the understanding that despite all our differences, we are more alike than we realize. 




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